Coming Up On Witchfinder Radio

This week, I thought I’d do some horn tooting and let you know what is coming up on Witchfinder Radio over the next little while. Tonight (if I get this up in time) on Blowing Up The Lakehead (10pm-1am EST) we’ll have an interview with Mike Dean and full album feature on the new Corrosion of Conformity record. The interview will appear here in text form within the next few days but for now, if you’re interested check it out on the air. Next week we’ll have Joe Hoare on the show along with the new Orange Goblin record ‘A Eulogy for The Damned’. Both albums were released on Candlelight Records which seems a little unlikely but the albums are excellent and the promotion for both has been stellar so far. Good work Candlelight team! Next week will also feature Gideon Smith of Gideon Smith and the Dixie Damned and the full 30 Weight album. Seems the majority of interviews in the next little while are going to be airing on Blowing Up The Lakehead, but I do have a few things lined up (potentially) with Aggressor, Nephelium, Derelict, Waster and The Great Sabatini for CanKnuckle Tracks (Tuesday’s 10pm-1am EST) in the next little while.

Not sure when some of these are going to air, but I also have interviews with Ralf Sheepers of Primal Fear, Casey Orr from Ministry/Rigor Mortis and Ben Varon of Amoral in the can. I’d like to split them up to keep from doing too many all interview shows but they keep coming! In the works for this week interview wise are both Axel Rudi Pell and Nephelium.

Plenty of interesting stories to hear, and plenty of metal to listen to! Tune in to Witchfinder Radio, part of LU Radio, 102.7fm in Thunder Bay Monday & Tuesday 10pm-1am, Wednesday (punk night) from Midnight-1am and Thursday Midnight to 1am. Listen online here:

I am the station manager and loud rock director for CILU, 102.7fm in Thunder Bay. I also host four weekly 'loud rock' shows: Blowing Up The Lakehead: Monday 10pm-1am EST which plays loud rock from around the world, regardless of genre, subgenre or label affiliation. CanKnuckle Tracks: Tuesday 10pm-1am EST, plays Loud Rock by ONLY Canadian Independent bands.Anarchy In The TBay: Wednesday Midnight-1am, all punk. The Happy Go Lucky Old Time Metal Hour: Thursday Midnight-1am, old school loud rock, nothing newer than 1990.