The Order of Chaos – Burn These Dreams album review + interview with Amanda Kiernan

By Jason Wellwood

Burn These Dreams is the second release from Edmonton’s The Order of Chaos and it is a big step forward for the band. The second thing you’ll find when listening to the album is that the band doesn’t like to sit too long in one style of metal. While they could fit into a ‘thrash influenced power metal’ category if need be, that would be selling them short. ‘Burn These Dreams’ is a face-melter of a track and puts you on notice as to what the band is all about. Later, ‘Chaos In Cairo’ brings in a more traditional metal feel, while ‘For Another Moment’ is a beautiful radio friendly track. Then, the album ends with ‘Guns N’ Order’ which is a straight ahead hard rock song. A little confusing if you weren’t paying attention, but listening back the song fits perfectly with the feel of the album. The Order of Chaos are quite obviously not going to stay in their little category file, they want all ‘loud rock’ listeners to be able to enjoy the band. What they manage to do that most other bands with this idea can’t, is continue to sound like themselves. There isn’t a moment on this album where I thought ‘oh that sounds just like…’ and that is a great accomplishment. The fact that Burn These Dreams sounds like a whole album as opposed to pieces thrown together is a great testament to the song writing and musicianship within the band. From the big riffs, slick solos and groovy rhythm throughout, the band knows what the song needs and sticks with it.

No, I didn’t make a mistake up there, I was saving this. The FIRST thing that jumps out when listening to Burn These Dreams is the vocals of Amanda Kiernan. She moves from a guttural, paint stripping growl/scream to a clean powerful vocal easily in ‘Burn These Dreams’, puts in hard rock vocals on both ‘Guns N’ Order’ and ‘Hell Is Forever’ as well as a terrific heartfelt vocal on ‘For Another Moment’. Amanda was a great choice for The Order of Chaos, her versatility fits theirs perfectly.

The Order of Chaos have created an excellent record in Burn These Dreams and all of the musicians turned in stellar performances. Expect to hear a lot from this band.

(Killer Metal)

I had the opportunity to speak with vocalist Amanda Kiernan for my radio show as well (CanKnuckle Tracks, Tuesday 10pm-1am EST at here’s the audio from that interview:

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