So I missed the NFC Championship to see Ghost, but should I skip the Super Bowl for some Slow Southern Steel?

In case you didn’t know, I’m a pretty big football fan.  NFL, CFL, NCAA, it’s all good.  For me, the Super Bowl might as well be a national holiday, with the preceding playoff rounds serving as slightly lesser causes for celebration–like Victory Over Japan Day or something.  In other words, no I will not go see your show at the Bovine, I’m watching the game.  That said, I ended up watching a delayed replay of the NFC title game on Thursday, having made an exception to my rule in order to see a Ghost (and a Blood Ceremony) last Sunday nite.  In fact, I’ve even thought about skipping the Super Bowl next weekend for a tour that’s making its way through the States…

I gotta say, I’ve been pretty stoked for Slow Southern Steel ever since I first heard of the concept a couple years back.  A documentary on the southern sludge scene starring Kylesa, Eyehategod, Sourvein, Zoroaster, Dixie Witch and Weedeater, to name but a few, directed by CT from Rwake, sure sounds like it’s right up my alley.  And now that the film’s finally ready for release, they’re taking the show on the road, with screenings in 19 US cities opening for Zoroaster and sludge supergroup Hail! Hornet (feat. Dixie Dave, T.Roy et al).  To say that I’m awfully tempted would be an understatement…

Suffice to say that this film wouldn’t be as big a hit north of the Mason-Dixon, and that’s why there aren’t a ton of Northeast dates, the closest being Columbus, or maybe Philly.  But hey, they’re hitting Columbus on a Saturday, so it might be worth the 11-hour bus ride (each way), or so I thought.  Until I took a look at the calendar.  The Columbus screening/gig’s on February 4th, after which the tour takes a day off… for Super Bowl Sunday.  Hey, if I wanted to spend an hour or two sleeping in the bus shelter, I could make it back to TO in time for kickoff, but that’s probably asking a bit much after getting on the 6 am bus outta town the day before just to make it to Columbus on time.  The other alternative would be to watch the game on the bus–hey, those Greyhounds have WiFi now, eh?–but that just seems kinda lame.

After all, the Super Bowl is best spent imbibing a cool beverage (or 10) in front of a big screen, not squinting at yer laptop on a bus fulla strangers.  I don’t see any affordable early flights from Columbus to TO either, so I think I’m gonna hafta skip this.  Now, if they had only hit Cleveland instead, I’d already have purchased my ticket.  Don’t ask me how that works, but the round-trip’s a whopping eight hours shorter…

Now, who do I hafta fuck to get a Slow Southern Steel screening up in The Big Smoke!?



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