My Top 10 Albums and Concerts of 2011, now posted for your reading pleasure…

Well, it looks like two of my Top 10 made our overall Top 20 this year, which seems to be more or less on par with last year, if I recall correctly.  Still have not heard that 40 Watt Sun album (Metal Blade dropped the ball on distribution, or what?), and I can’t believe that Progpeth took the top spot, with Mastodon not far behind.  And here I thought we had more discriminating tastes at Hellbound…  At least Lulu was nowhere to be seen! 😛

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As far as concerts are concerned, I know there are some folks who struggle to attend ten live events in a calender annum.  Suffice to say, I am not one of those people.  Though it feels like I cut back on my concert consumption in 2011, my envelope full of ticket stubs seems to suggest otherwise.  I will say that I didn’t get out of Toronto for as many gigs as I did in years past–last year in particular–but the ones I did travel to see were well worth the trip.

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Well, since Kyuss first took the stage a couple minutes past midnite on New Year’s Eve, I think I can safely say I’ve seen my top concert of 2012 already.  Yuuup, I paid 200 bucks to see ’em play two sets at Cherry Cola’s.  Worth every penny!  And now, since I used a lotta words from my Hellbound writeups in compiling each list, allow me to self-plagiarize again for a moment:

“Does this list make you wanna dwell with Denizen or climb Witch Mountain?  If so, I’ll be spinning some tunes from all of the aforementioned albums on my podcast, Gruesome Tunes, this evening from 6 to 8 pm (Eastern Time) on Grip of Delusion Radio.  I’ll also be putting it up for download within the next coupla days, so keep your third eye open.”

As Phil Anselmo would say, “Happy fuckin’ New Year, ‘n all that fuckin’ shit.  Now go buy my record!”



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