Enter The Witchfinder General

Sometimes I wonder how I found myself here and where the hell I’m going to find myself when I come out the other side. IF I come out the other side. I sometimes think that music and radio are out to kill me, and that’s entirely possible though highly unlikely.

I suppose now would be a good time for a quick introduction then, wouldn’t it? I’m Jason Wellwood, aka ‘The Witchfinder General’ if you tune in to my radio shows on CILU in Thunder Bay, which also happens to be the campus based community station that I manage. After 7 years of working for independent music you’d think I’d have all the tricks down and not be surprised by anything, but nothing could be further from the truth. Between the industry’s lack of grasp on new technology, they myriad of crappy ‘artists’ that send stuff our way because they downloaded a copy of Audacity and have 100 fans on Facebook…the music industry and radio are both thrashing about pretty good trying to keep their heads afloat and I’m right smack dab in the middle. To say it’s an interesting time is a pretty big understatement, but really I can’t complain. I will though, and I hope you’ll check back to see if I have a good rant for you, or maybe an off the cuff album review (I have piles of stuff to listen to each week so you may even get a quick 50 word blurb on something you’ve never heard of) or at the very least an update on one of the 4 main radio shows I do.

See, I host a series of radio shows that fell on me by default and I’ve taken them and made them my own under the umbrella tag of ‘Witchfinder Radio’. The shows are: Blowing Up The Lakehead (Monday 10pm-1am EST), CanKnuckle Tracks (Tuesday 10pm-1am EST), Anarchy in the TBay (Wednesday Midnight-1am), The Happy Go Lucky Old Time Metal Hour (Thursday Midnight-1am). Each show is a little different, Blowing Up The Lakehead is all new release loud rock from around the world and includes major and independent releases. CanKnuckle Tracks is strictly Canadian independent loud rock, Anarchy is all punk rock from around the world and The Happy GLOTMH is all old school loud rock, nothing newer than 1990. I won’t bore you with all the details and playlists every week, but if you’re interested you can find them here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Witchfinder-Radio/184368678252247 as they go up. On special occasions, I’ll post the playlists here, maybe entice you a little to come and see what’s up.

This week, we finish the Top 25 Non-Canadian Independent Loud Rock Albums of 2011 on Blowing Up The Lakehead and on CanKnuckle Tracks we have a special night. I’ll be playing the first 3 Woods of Ypres albums back to back in honour of the passing of David Gold. Next week, on the 16th of January I’ll be playing an interview I did with David Gold in March of 2011 as well as both Woods IV and Woods V on Blowing Up The Lakehead. I hope you’ll tune in and check it out.

See ya next time, and until then: PLAY IT LOUD MUTHA!

Witchfinder Radio: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Witchfinder-Radio/184368678252247
LU Radio (the station it airs on): http://www.luradio.ca
[email protected]
Twitter: Witchfinder1027

I am the station manager and loud rock director for CILU, 102.7fm in Thunder Bay. I also host four weekly 'loud rock' shows: Blowing Up The Lakehead: Monday 10pm-1am EST which plays loud rock from around the world, regardless of genre, subgenre or label affiliation. CanKnuckle Tracks: Tuesday 10pm-1am EST, plays Loud Rock by ONLY Canadian Independent bands.Anarchy In The TBay: Wednesday Midnight-1am, all punk. The Happy Go Lucky Old Time Metal Hour: Thursday Midnight-1am, old school loud rock, nothing newer than 1990.