Listen To The Living Fields “Running out of Daylight” album on

By Sean Palmerston

One of the more interesting albums to come out this year by a relatively new American band is the new album by The Living Fields, entitled Running out of Daylight. An excellent death/doom metal album that also has strong viking/folk metal influences intertwined within their songwriting, this also features stringed classical instrumentation next to heavy guitars. It’s a fine line between brilliance and mediocrity when trying to do something like this, but The Living Fields manage to do what they do exceptionally well.

For the next few weeks will be hosting a stream to the entire Running out of Daylight album, found below. Please give it a listen and check them out if you are not already familiar with their majestic, orchestrated doom.

The Living Fields’ Running out of Daylight is available now through Candlelight USA. Thank you to Earsplit PR and Candlelight USA for letting us host this great album.

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