Boris is in town tomorrow–and there are still tickets available!

Typically, when the hottest band from the land of Japan comes to town, the gig’s a sell-out.  They’ve always played Lee’s Palace, and it’s always been completely packed.  Although I’d expect nothing less from tomorrow’s performance, it seems that tickets are still available, both from Ticketbastard, and at Rotate This, which’ll save ya $4.50 in service charges.  (Mind you, Rotate’s website hasn’t been updated since last Friday, so that may no longer be the case…)

Boris usually brings some solid openers with ’em, too, whether it be Russian Circles, now-defunct local drone-doomsters ORN or that triple bill with Torche and Nachtmystium from a couple years back.  But this year, the lone support seems to be from Asobi Seksu, a Japanese artist that I am completely unfamiliar with.  I really couldn’t tell you if it’s worth showing up early for this one, or not.

That said, this seems to be an early show, with the doors at 8.  Dunno what the set times are, since Lee’s website, which usually does a good job of sharing that information, is now two weeks out of date.  (It seems that inherent hipster laziness has infected the Toronto independent music scene, sadly…)

Boris with Asobi Seksu @ Lee’s Palace, 529 Bloor West, Sunday, October 23rd.  Doors @ 8.  $18 advance.

By the way, I’m also counting down the Top 10 Bands from the Land of Japan running up to tomorrow’s gig.  I’m currently at Number 3–and no, I haven’t mentioned Boris yet. 😉



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