Who doesn’t need a little Weed Metal on a Tuesday nite?

North Carolinian road warriors Weedeater are at it again, coming through town this Tuesday for the fourth time in three years (by my count)–and the second since their new album, Jason… the Dragon came out.  Not only have they taken a step up in venues this time around, playing Lee’s Palace instead of the Wreckroom, they’ve also assembled a solid four-band bill that’s the most impressive touring package of sludgy goodness that I’ve seen in quite some time, a lineup that also includes Saviours, Bison B.C. and Fight Amp.

For the hell of it, I decided to go back into my personal vaults and dig out some words that I’ve written about the bands on this bill.  If this won’t get you interested in coming out to this gig, you’ve probably got shitty taste in music.

Fight Amp: “The straight-ahead sludge trio sounded kinda like Keelhaul with a dash of the evening’s headliners (Kylesa)–albeit with just one drummer.  Despite some bass difficulties near the end, twas a solid opening set.” Review of Kylesa/Rosetta/Fight Amp from THTGIR (RIP).

Bison B.C.: “…the band raised their game to match the crowd’s intensity.  Culling tracks from their soon-to-be-released second album as well as a few old favourites (“Windego,” “These Are My Dress Clothes”), the three members not anchored to a drumkit made the most of the smallish stage, getting up close and personal with the unwashed, tattooed masses.  Twas a performance well worth the wait (in line).” CMW 2010 Recap from THTGIR (RIP).

Saviours: “Saviours have enough chops to move beyond the hipsters and be taken seriously by people who were listening to metal all along.  Cauldron, Priestess and Early Man fans take note.” Unpublished Accelerated Living review.  (I don’t blame Sean for not running it, since I spent most of the review ripping on The Sword, haha.)

WEEDEATER: “On this tour, Weedeater played as a band of equals.  None of this singer-up-front, drummer-in-the-back nonsense; the stage was set up with Dixie, Shep and Keko side-by-side-by-side.  This meant that if you picked the wrong side to stand on (as I did), you could barely hear any bass.  Nevertheless, Dixie gave an inspired performance, hopping around on one foot (and four toes) and swiggin’ bourbon with a deamon-cleanin’ grin.”  Review of Weedeater’s last Toronto gig from THTGIR (RIP).

By the way, I’m also counting down 10 reasons why Dixie Dave is the man over at Gruesome Views–in case you needed any more convincing to check this gig out.

Weedeater, Saviours, Bison B.C., Fight Amp @ Lee’s Palace, 529 Bloor St W (Bloor and Bathurst), Tuesday, September 13th.  Doors @ 8 (first band @ 8:30), $17.50 advance, $20 @ the door.



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