Solitude Aeturnus – In Times Of Solitude

By Rob Kachluba

I recently received In Times Of Solitude in the mail from Massacre Records and I gotta say, this is a must for diehard Solitude Aeturnus fans. Of the nine tracks, longtime vocalist Robert Lowe only sings on tracks eight and nine, a live rehearsal and “Mirror Of Sorrow”. Their original vocalist sings on their original five-song demo, a couple of these songs went on to be on their debut album: “Transcending Sentinels,” “Where Angels Fear to Tread” and “Mirror of Sorrow.” Original vocalist Chris was not a bad singer. He’s not as powerful as Lowe but he wrote great lyrics and had an unorthodox delivery. First track “It Came Upon One Night” is just an awesome track. Tons of Trouble style riffs with even a mid-paced Metal Church riff  in it. For you collector nerds, the LP comes in a gatefold sleeve, housing clear vinyl and tons of liner notes of their early beginnings, as documented by John Perez. As I said before, a must for fans of the band, just make sure not to wait too long, as this is a hand-numbered edition out of 500 copies.

(Massacre Records)

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