Grifter – s/t

By Gruesome Greg

Heavy, gritty blues rock from the UK, reminiscent of Kenny Wayne Sheppard (remember that guy?) or Tricky Woo doing bong hits with Neil Fallon at Rancho de la Luna. “Asshole Parade” asks the listener “Are you high?” before remarking that “A mountain’s always higher!” If one could get a good buzz offa blues guitar, they’d be right up on Everest grooving out to this tune.

“Strip Club” rolls along with a bouncing Gene Simmons bassline, and a smoky, hazy bar band groove with an anthemic chorus. I could definitely picture this playing at a peeler bar. “Old Blood, Young Veins” has a bit of a Clutch feel to it, particularly in the verses, yet hardly sounds like they’re ripping ‘em off.

Man, these guys have really nailed this style down. Anyone who digs Clutch, Bulletwolf, Orange Goblin’s more recent stuff, Diablo Red, COC, WCO, hell, KISS at their heaviest, or any of the fine bluesy psychedelic rarities previously unearthed by Ripple Music will wanna sink their teeth into this.

(Ripple Music)

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