Apostle of Solitude / Dawnrider – one sided split 12″

By Gruesome Greg

Apostle Of Solitude kicks things off here on this new one-sided 12″ split release with the track “Death by Misadventure,” a tune that mixes the heavy, sludgy riffing of their debut album with the wailing, plaintive vocals of 2010’s Last Sunrise. A stop-start riff gives way to a slow, doomy breakdown somewhere around the midway point of the song, unleashing a killer solo before going back to the main riff, ending on a slow, heavy note.

Dawnrider has a bit more of a stoner-rock vibe, with their heavy fuzzbox riffs and thin, garage-style production. The Sabbath riffs that come in with the vocals are definitely doomed, though, with an Eastern-European sounding singer wailing overtop. (Turns out they’re from Portugal, about as west as Europe gets… Dude does not have the pipes of Chuck Brown, in any case.) Interestingly enough, this tune also features bagpipes, or at least something that sounds an awful lot like them, mixed in with a video-game guitar-tone solo.

(A Blood & Iron Records, Raging Planet Records, and Metal Soldiers Records co-release)

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