Sylosis – Edge of the Earth

By Rob Kachluba

Coming out nowhere a few years back these young lads from England known as Sylosis released a monster debut of precise razor sharp melodic metalcore that raised quite a few eyebrows for its consistent songwriting. Being all in their late teens and early twenties made it even more of a nice surprise. This sophomore effort sees their old singer leaving and being replaced internally by Josh Middleton—the brains and the multi-instrumentalist of the band. For the most part they give up most of their metalcore leanings and dive head first into a modern thrash sound. Loads of razor sharp riffing back by melodic soloing and crazed, all-out drumming. They do slow down the pace with some slower melodic passages and clean vocals but for the most part its a all out thrashfest. One thing that really jumps out at you is the phenomenal musicianship. These guys are the real deal and with a bit more emphasis on some stronger songwriting and maybe a shorter length – 70mins seems to be a tad too long for this kind of music – really big things could lie ahead.

(Nuclear Blast)

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