Titan’s Eve – The Divine Equal

By Jason Wellwood

To call Titan’s Eve ‘Thrash’ is definitely fair, however to lump them in with today’s thrash revivalists would be doing the band a disservice. Titan’s Eve are definitely no throwback or retro band, think of your favourite thrash band from the ‘Golden Era’ and then imagine that band with 30 years of progression in song writing, playing, and production. Oh, and also imagine that band didn’t take a route which saw them become a hard rock parody of themselves. Yes, on their first album, The Divine Equal, Titan’s Eve manage to sound like seasoned veterans, no subtle nods to the old school or blatant attempts to make ‘nouveau’ thrash are present although it’s obvious that the band has done its homework. It’s also obvious that the band is ambitious: their debut album is a concept album based on The Book of Genesis and Milton’s Paradise Lost.

While the subject matter might be a little heady for some folks (not most of us, but occasionally I still hear ‘I don’t need no education with my music) the musicianship is sure to please metal fans across the board. The Gamblin brothers are very good guitarists and know how to keep their solos short while still making sure they hook your ear. Casey Ory is a monster on the drums and puts on a showcase in the track ‘Serpent Rising’, though I don’t suggest singing along to the chorus at the top of your lungs while putting out the garbage in the morning. It scares the neighbours. Bassist Jesse Hord gets a little solo in ‘Tides of Doom’ that allows him to stretch a little further though he is definitely no slouch on the rest of the album. Vocally, Brian Gamblin takes a gruff, sing/growl tact and manages to be articulate the entire way through; no mumbled vocals, no growling parts in order to make them fit. Brother Kyle takes more of the higher end vocals and, though I’d like to hear more of them, he keeps them tasteful not obtrusive.

For a debut album, this is a masterpiece and something the band should be damn proud of. They’re indie for now, but make no mistake, someone is going to try and snap them up. See them on tour this spring/summer before you have to pay Ticketmaster a portion!


(Self Released)

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