Destruction – Day of Reckoning

By Rob Kachluba

Like the change of seasons you can always count on a good old Destruction record to come out every few years or so and Day of Reckoning could be their best album since The Antichrist. They have decided to go back to their old thrash roots and put out a all out aggressive thrash attack. Riffs come flying at you on every song. Hate is my Fuel”, “Demon is my God”, “Day of Reckoning” are all chalk full of neckbreaking riffs. 2011 is an angrier Destruction with Schmier sounding more venomous then ever. New drummer Vaarve had a big hand with his technical but furious drumming skills where you can see he would be a treat to see in a live setting. With their last few albums they did veer off the path a bit and ended up being failed results – see Devolution for example – but not this time. Some fans that are paying close attention might pick out the sudden inclusion of the riff from “Bestial Invasion” on the song “Devil’s Advocate” the former being off of Bestial Invasion. Aided by a strong powerful crisp production(the guitars sound deadly) this one gets better and better as you move along. No filler here. Buy or Die.

(Nuclear Blast)

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