HELLBOUND RADIO: December 5th, 2010 playlist

Tonight was a night of reunions, or so it would seem. Sean was out getting down with his longtime Hamilton homies, Chore, during their reunion weekend shows. Albert was shaking his Southern Rock money-maker to Blackfoot (though, it’s debateable whether Blackfoot ever really went away long enough to have anything post-1985 considered a reunion). Me? It was a reunion that had me, myself and I guiding the good ship/leaky rowboat that is Hellbound Radio by my lonesome. Nothing really to report, as anything I had to say, I probably said it on air and how much do you really think happens in a deserted college campus radio station on a Sunday night anyway?

Hellbound Radio airs every Sunday, 9pm-midnight EST on 101.5 Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. Listen on-line at www.indifm.ca. Wanna request something or give us shit? (905) 575-2101.

Your hosts are Albert Mansour, Sean Palmerston and Kevin Stewart-Panko


REALM – Dick (Suiciety, 1990)
AFTER THE BURIAL – Breadcrumbs and White Stones (In Dreams, 2010)
THE BATALLION – Head Up High (Head Up High, 2010)
BLIND GUARDIAN – Turn the Page (A Twist in the Myth, 2006)
FATAL EMBRACE – Into Your Face (The Empires of Inhumanity, 2010)
EARTH – German Dental Work (A Bureaucratic Desire for Extra-Capsular Extraction – reissue, 2010)
WEAPON – Sardonyx (From the Devil’s Tomb, 2010)*
324 – Terminal Chamber (Split w/DISCORDANCE AXIS & CORRUPTED, 2001)
324 – Prismrider (Split w/DISCORDANCE AXIS & CORRUPTED, 2001)
324 – Just Sit There (Split w/DISCORDANCE AXIS & CORRUPTED, 2001)
DEATH OF THIEVES – An Angel Has Your Knife (Elixir, 2010)
SVART CROWN – Colosseum (Witnessing the Fall, 2010)
SODOM – In War and Pieces (In War and Pieces, 2010)
SORGELDOM – The Cold Empty (Inner Receivings, 2010)
THE OCEAN – Sewers of the Soul (Anthropocentric, 2010)
WITCHSORROW – The Agony (Witchsorrow, 2010)
ATHEIST – Second to Sun (Jupiter, 2010)
ION DISSONANCE – This the last Time I Repeat Myself (Cursed, 2010)*
GOD DETHRONED – Storm of Steel (Under the Sign of the Iron Cross, 2010)
COUGH – The Gates of Madness (An Introduction to the Black Arts, 2010)
HAYAINO DAISUKI – Into the Throat of Berserk (Headbanger’s Karaoke Club Dangerous Fire, 2008)
MAGRUDERGRIND – Leech (Crusher, 2010)
MAGRUDERGRIND – Conditioned Minds (Crusher, 2010)
ELECTRIC WIZARD – Venus in Furs (Black Masses, 2010)
KYLESA – Don’t Look Back (Spiral Shadow, 2010)
ROTTING CHRIST – Fire Death and Fear (Aealo, 2010)
PLANET RAIN – In Absentia (Fracture, 2007)
PERIPHERY – The Walk (Periphery, 2010)
IMMORTAL – Withstand the Fall of Time (In the Heart of Winter, 1999)
CROSS EXAMINATION – Unlimited Chainsaw (Menace to Sobriety, 2008)
NADJA – Dead Skin Mask (When I See the Sun Always Shine on TV, 2009)*
THE SECRET – Antiitalian (Solve et Coagula, 2010)
* = Canadian content

Sean is the founder/publisher of Hellbound.ca; he has also written about metal for Exclaim!, Metal Maniacs, Roadburn, Unrestrained! and Vice.