Triptykon – Shatter EP

By Sean Palmerston

If you enjoyed Triptykon‘s debut release from earlier this year then here is something else you won’t want to live without. The five song Shatter EP is meant as an accompanying piece to the excellent Eparistera Daimones full length. Containing three additional songs taken from the album sessions that just didn’t fit within the parameters of the album plus two live songs recorded live at the band’s performance at the 2010 Roadburn Festival, Shatter is every bit as essential as the full length is.

Lead off song “Shatter” is as close as Triptykon will ever come to an anthem. Clocking in at just under five minutes, it features the band at their most concise. The whispered verses gives it an ominous, spooky-as-fuck tone, but the female/male sung chorus is hookier than you’d expect. On the other hand, “I Am The Twilight” is the band at their most punishing. Triptykon know how to be heavy heavy heavy when they want to and accomplish that here. If you had the chance to see Triptykon live you will recognize the third new song here, the instrumental “Crucifixus”, as it served as their intro during their recent North American tour.

Of the two live songs, both are taken from the Celtic Frost catalogue. “Circle of The Tyrants” is first, followed by “Dethroned Emperor”. The latter features the band joined live by Darkthrone’s Nocturno Culto, a bit of a treat in itself. Naturally, the band is in fine form on both songs. This might have been one of their first ever live shows, but they were more than capable already. However, it is worth noting this band was even heavier and more sinister by the time they got to North America in the fall. Wicked stuff nonetheless.

(Century Media)

Rating: 9.0

Listen to this entire EP online here

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