Smokin’ Green’s 2010 fundraiser is tonite!

It all goes down tonite, folks. If you`re sitting on the fence, scratching your head, going “Shouldn`t radio be free?” consider this. Unlike commercial radio, CKLN doesn`t bombard you with advertisements. We firmly believe in less talk, more rock. (Well okay, there are some talk shows in the daytime, but that`s beside the point…)

Where else are you gonna hear the stoner, psych, sludge and doom metal that Smokin` Green provides on a weekly basis? Not on commercial radio, that`s for sure. Check out my past playlists, if you haven`t already, to see what kinda music I play.

Not only am I spreading doom all over the Greater Toronto Area, but worldwide via live streaming on and by posting past episodes online on TooHighToGetItRight. So, even if you`re not in Toronto, I could use your support.

Now, typically the station wants you to make a 50 dollar donation–at least, that`s how much you gotta pay to get some CKLN swag. But I know that 50 bucks is a lot, so I`m willing to reward smaller donations, because any amount helps. I`ve still got five THTGIR T-Shirts (as seen here) to give away, and if you pledge 25 dollars, I`ll send one your way. I don`t care where you live, I`ll still ship it to ya.

Even if you can only give 10 bucks, I`ll gladly take it. I`ll even play a song for ya on the program. Drop me a line at [email protected] — if I don`t have it on me tonite, I`ll be sure to bring whatcha wanna hear for a future episode. Any amount helps; if you donate 20 dollars, I`ll play two songs for ya, 30 for three songs, and so on…

Again, there are two ways to donate. You can either call the number that I provide on the air tonite, or donate by clicking on the PayPal button at this location.

PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MUST PUT “DONATION TO SMOKIN` GREEN” IN THE DESCRIPTION FIELD OF THE PAYPAL FORM! Sorry for shouting, but I can`t stress this enough. This must be done for your donation to be credited to Smokin` Green. And if you do donate via Paypal, drop me a line with confirmation of payment (you should get an email) so I can send you a shirt and/or play some songs for ya.

My show airs from 1 till 3 am Eastern Time, and you can tune in at 88.1 fm on yer radio, channel 947 on yer Rogers digital cable box or on yer computer. If you don`t get around to reading this until Sunday, Monday, or whenever, you can still donate online via PayPal. Just be sure to put DONATION TO SMOKIN` GREEN in the description field, and I`ll play your request(s) when I`m back on the air in December.

Please give generously… Keep the Sabbath Dream Alive!



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