HELLBOUND RADIO: October 10th, 2010 Playlist

Looking at this week’s playlist, holy fuck did we play a lot of our fellow home and native men! Broadcast regulations up here in Canada require that a certain percentage of what we play is supposed to be Canadian content, hence the term “Can-Con” which some of you non-Canukleheads might have wondered about. Generally, we’re pretty lax on our Can-Con quotient and despite how much shit we get from the program director, we’re still pretty lax about our Can-Con metal quotient. Not for any particular reason other than it doesn’t really cross our minds when going through our collections and pulling CDs off the shelf each week.

I don’t know if it was the sense of patriotism lurking in the background because our country can’t possibly have hosted a more universally maligned athletic competition than the folks in New Delhi have with the Commonwealth Games this month or because we’re feeling all warm and rosy because it’s Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, but there was a lot of Can-metal thrown on the table this week. Whatever the case, it helped take the sting out of Sean kicking everyone’s ass in round two of Metal Mental Meltdown.

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Your hosts are Albert Mansour, Sean Palmerston and Kevin Stewart-Panko

ARMOUR – Heavy Metal Drinkers (Armour, 2010)
ANVIL – School Love (Backwaxed, 1985)*
POPULATION REDUCTION – Roadrage at the Farmer’s Market (Each Birth a New Disaster, 2010)
ACCEPT – Teutonic Terror (Blood of the Nations, 2010)
METALLICA – Motorbreath (Kill ‘em All, 1983)
BULLET BELT – Rape The Angel (The Black Army Stands, 2010)
DARK FOREST – Pipes of Pan (Dark Forest, 2009)
WITCHERY – The Devil’s Triangle (Dead, Hot and Ready, 1999)
THE BATALLION – Mind My Step (Head Up High, 2010)
VACANT COFFIN – Lunch In Bodybags (Sewer Skulpture, 2008)
WINTERSUN – Winter Madness (Wintersun, 2004)
TORCHE – U.F.O. (Songs for Singles, 2010)
EXIT STRATEGY – The Hand Of Victory (United State of Amnesia, 2008)*
BLIND ILLUSION – Blood Shower (The Sane Asylum, 1988)
VINDICATOR – Strange Aeon (The Antique Witcheries, 2010)
METSATOLL – Kui Rebeneb Taevas (Aio, 2010)
ANGRA – Nothing To Say (Holy Land, 1996)
CEPHALIC CARNAGE – When I Arrive (Misled by Certainty, 2010)
KRITICOS – Hymns Of The Hunted (Dead Angels, 2010)*
ANTHRAX – Soldiers Of Metal (Armed and Dangerous, 1985)
JESU – Dethroned (Heart Ache and Dethrone, 2010)
MINAX – Preaching Infection (Vengeance Rising, 2009)*
EXCITER – Under Attack (Heavy Metal Maniac, 1983)*
CHRISTIAN MISTRESS – Riding On The Edges (Agony & Opium, 2010)
THE WOUNDED KINGS – Baptism of Atlantis (The Shadow Over Atlantis, 2009)
MEGADETH – 99 Ways To Die (Hidden Treasures, 1995)
DAWNBRINGER – The Devil (Nucleus, 2010)
STRIKER – The White Knight (Eyes In The Night, 2010)*
AEON – Eternal Hate (Dark Order, 2001)
YUPPICIDE – Fistful Of Credit Cards (Anthology 88-98, 2010)
DIVINITY – Beg To Consume (The Singularity, 2010)*
VITAL REMAINS – Battleground (Forever Underground, 1997)
WEAPON – Left Hand Path Yoga (From the Devil’s Tomb, 2010)*
SCYTHIA – Fierce Riders Of Scythia (…Of War, 2010)*
BEWITCHED – Lucifer’s Legacy (At the Gates of Hell, 1999)
RAGE – Hellgirl (Strings to a Web, 2010)

* = Canadian content

Sean is the founder/publisher of Hellbound.ca; he has also written about metal for Exclaim!, Metal Maniacs, Roadburn, Unrestrained! and Vice.