I’ve got a golden ticket…

Though it’s still more than a month away, I’ve been counting the days till September 11th for a little while now.  I’m not some sick creep who gets off on seeing the Twin Towers fall, nor an American patriot who watches the all-day memorials playing ad nauseum on cable news networks.  (I’m not even American, but you knew that already…)

Do I remember where I was when the planes hit?  Yes.  Do I care to remember it?  No, not really.  But September 11 is about to become a much more memorable date for me moving forward…

(Wait for it…)


While I had long known about Sleep’s plans to reunite (well sorta, drummer Chris Hakius is outta the picture, sadly) for the ATP Festival on Labour Day Weekend, along with Iggy and the Stooges, Sunn O and Boris, I ultimately decided that a three-day, outdoor music festival in Buttfucknowhere, NY was not my cuppa tea.  After all, Iggy had already rocked the block at NXNE, Boris are in town in two days, and Sunn is only slightly more listenable that Blackwolfgoat, in my books.

But when I heard that the band (Pike and Cisneros are joined by Neurosis drummer Jason Roeder) was playing a handful of dates following the festival, including Music Fest Northwest in Portland–with muthafuckin’ YOB(!) and Scott Kelly solo(!?) as support–I knew that I couldn’t miss it.  Y’know, if the ticket said Sleep Plays Dopesmoker, that would be pretty cool, but to hear the incomparable Holy Mountain it its entirety?  Fuck me sideways with a Cessna!  Never mind that I’ve never been to Portland before, don’t know my way around and don’t really know anybody who lives there.  Tis a trip well worth taking for yours truly.

That being said, if you’re in the Portland or Seattle area, and know of any good restaurants, record stores and/or other sites worth seeing, I should have a couple hours to kill before the show, so feel free to comment or drop me a line.

While Sleep’s show is by far my most anticipated upcoming event, I’ve got more than one ticket that’s got me circling dates on the calendar.  In no particular order…

BORIS w/ Russian Circles @ Lee’s Palace (Toronto), August 9th. From the land of Japan, Boris is an intense live experience.  I’m secretly hoping they’ve stashed Ian Astbury in a suitcase to sing some tunes from their new EP

MELVINS w/ guests @ Opera House (Toronto), September 1st. The Melvins have not played in Toronto in 10 years.  While I have no clue who their guests will be (they’re playing an Amphetamine Reptile Records anniversary gig in Minny a few days prior), I’m hoping they eschew the opening band entirely for an extended set of dual-drumkit debauchery!

Montreal is Doomed Festival @ Les Katacombes (Montreal), December 4th. The first-ever North American appearance of cult doomsters Pagan Altar, along with Blood Ceremony and a coupla franco-doom bands.  Well worth the bus trip to La Belle Province…

and last, but not least:

Seattle SEAHAWKS vs. San Francisco 49ers @ Qwest Field (Seattle), September 12th. After seeing my favourite band in concert, I’ll be jetting over to Seattle to catch my favourite football team.  Been a long-time Seahawks fan, going back to ’98, when they lured Mike Holmgren away from the Green Bay Packers.  Catching their season-opener at the loudest stadium on earth will be the icing on the cake of an incredible weekend.  Did I mention that I shilled out for a front-row seat?

Let’s just say that if a plane crash-lands into the Great Lakes, or Allah forbid, the CN Tower on September 13th, I’ll have died a happy man.



P.S.: I’ll be playing a whole buncha Boris on Smokin’ Green tonite, along with some Church of Misery and Eternal Elysium.  Be sure to tune in from 1 till 3 am (10 pm till midnite Pacific Time!) at 88.1 fm on yer radio, channel 947 on yer TV or www.ckln.fm on yer computer!

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