Humo del Cairo – s/t

By Gruesome Greg

As opposed to their MeteorCity labelmates in Sardonis, Humo del Cairo could probably trim the fat on their self titled album a tad— six songs running 73 minutes plus. (To be fair, a lot of that length can be attributed to the “hidden bonus track” tacked onto the end of album-closer “Cause,” and the lengthy silence in between, yet most of the other songs still run 8 minutes plus…)

Humo del Cairo (Egyptian Smoke!?) is a primarily instro trio from Argentina, with occasional vocals provided in Spanish. You can hear shades of Kyuss (check out “Panorama”), The Jimi Hendrix Experience (“Nimbo” and the opening of “Fuego de San Antonio”), their Argentinian countrymen in Los Natas—or even Sergio Ch’s side-project Ararat (the harmonica and chanting of “Errantes” wouldn’t sound outta place on Musica
de la Resistencia

Although the songs are a little long, as to be expected from a desert rock jam band, they do flow nicely from one to the next. Take back what I said off the top—this record doesn’t seem overly long, provided that you skip that bonus track bullcrap at the end. It ain’t no “Lick My Doob,” that’s for sure!




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