Hellbound Handshake Clip Of The Week: PUTRESCENCE Live at MDF 2010


Hello and welcome back to our newest running series, the Hellbound Handshake Clip of the WeEk! For our third installment, we are celebrating Canada’s birthday that happened yesterday (Happy Birthday Canada!) with a clip of a Canadian band doing their thing at Maryland Deathfest 2010.

This week’s clip is Winnipeg MB’s PUTRESCENCE, doing their filthy Carcass-inspired take at death/grind with a sweet little ditty entitled “Moonlight Illuminates Limbs Forced Into Impossible Directions”, taken from their 2008 Sledgehammer Holocaust.

Please enjoy this tasty little ditty and make sure to come back for more next week when we will be featuring American death metal survivors DECEASED with a song from their absolutely ripping MDF appearance.

Moonlight Illuminates Limbs Forced Into Impossible Directions – Putrescence from Hellbound.ca on Vimeo.

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