Hellbound Handshake Clip Of The Week: GORGUTS Live at MDF 2010

Introducing the Hellbound Handshake Clip of The Week!

This is the first of what is planned to be a new weekly installment on Hellbound.ca. Our fine friends over at Handshake Inc have kindly offered to let us post one video per week out of their archives, so we are kicking this off in style.

Video number one comes from the 2010 Maryland Deathfest and the amazing appearance of Quebec’s technical death legends GORGUTS. This video was shot from the drum riser on drummer John Longstreth, who of course also keeps time for ORIGIN. In this we see Longstreth’s performance for the first song of their set, an instrumental which shows just what a fantastic sticksman he is. Enjoy!

Gorguts ‘drum-cam’ Footage live from Maryland Deathfest VIII from Hellbound.ca on Vimeo.

Gorguts photo by Albert Mansour

Gorguts photo by Albert Mansour

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