The new saviours of doom, coming to a theater near you…

…provided that you live south of the border, that is.  A little while back I asked Andy from Black Pyramid if they’d ever play Toronto, and was told that, unfortunately, they aren’t such nice guys after all.  (Point taken.)  Fortunately, I can still get across the border, so I’ll be seeing them in Buffalo on Wednesday nite.

Black Pyramid’s self-titled debut album was one of my favourite records of ’09, and while Massachusetts is a little too far for me to commute, I definitely don’t mind plunking down 50 bucks for a round-trip bus ticket to Buffalo and spending a nite in Armpit, erm, Upstate New York.  It’ll also give me another chance to check out the Anchor Bar, an essential destination for chicken wings.  Last time I was there, they had pints of Blue on special for three bucks.  For whatever reason, Canadian beer is cheaper in Upstate NY than it is in Toronto.  (Don’t get me started…)

Anyways, if you’re in the U.S., here are the remaining dates of the Black Pyramid tour with their MeteorCity label-mates Let the Night Roar:

May 8th O`Briens, Allston MA w/Blue Aside and Cortez
May 9th The 201, Providence RI w/Desolate Wind and Wall
May 10th The Elevens, Northampton MA w/Magna Mater, Overman, Elder
May 11th Armadillos, Keene NH w/Ponds, Black Norse
May 12th Mohawk Place, Buffalo NY, w/Chylde and Sonorous Gale
May 13th Now That`s Class, Cleveland Ohio w/Red Giant
May 14th Mulligans, Grand Rapids MI w/Balboa (MI), Bullpig, Mountain Goat
May 15th The Rockbox, Chicago IL w/Blood Of The Tyrant
May 16th The Melody Inn Indianapolis IN w/Apostle of Solitude, Necropharmicon
May 17th The Comet, Cincinnati OH w/Sabre
May 18th Cafe Bourbon St, Columbus OH w/Masters of Luxury
May 20th Mojo 13 w/Backwoods Payback, Holy Dirt

It’s also worth noting that Buffalonan heavy rockers Chylde are on the bill at the Mohawk.  These guys have had some border troubles of their own, but tore up the Horseshoe Tavern in their lone Toronto appearance last year.  Not familiar with Sonorous Gale, the other local openers, but the four-band bill is well worth the price of admission–a mere six bucks as per this poster–regardless.

If ya happen to be in Buffalo on Wednesday, look for the guy with the beard and the tattoos…



P.S.: It almost goes without saying that I’ll be playing some Black Pyramid on Smokin’ Green tonite.  I’ve also got some Acid King, Sons of OTIS and Egypt on tap.  Be sure to tune in at 88.1 on yer radio, channel 947 on yer TV or on yer computer!

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