Annotations Of An Autopsy – The Reign Of Darkness


By Ola Mazzuca

I can recall reading about Annotations Of An Autopsy in an issue of Terrorizer magazine that was based around the United Kingdom’s growing death metal scene. Much was brought to my attention in discovering that sub-genre prominence continues to spread to more than one country. It’s like comparing Florida to Gothenburg or pasta to chow mein. I hope you catch my drift, despite the fact that both are extremely different.

The Reign Of Darkness
incorporates all of death metal’s signature and staple elements: pummeling drums, guttural vocals and riff mayhem. What it doesn’t have is emotion or feeling that sticks out like a sore thumb. No unique or obscure, refreshing additives that would make it an intricate listen.

“In Snakes I Bathe” is the entrance track, powerful and mosh-worthy. “Bone Crown” and “Catastrophic Hybridization” are very similar, standard death anthems that are overloaded with blastbeats while “Cryogenica” is fit for whiplash.

Alas, in the midst of carbon copy tracks, there is one – just one – contrasting piece! Sounding more of a blackened death metal interlude, the instrumental “VII: The Horror, The Destruction” is slow, melodic and dark. Luckily AOAA did not fail to write something as such, for The Reign Of Darkness would have been the blandest dish of meat and potatoes out there.

For a second full-length release, you have to hand it to these Brits for landing themselves a spot in their homeland’s budding metal scene. But if Annotations Of An Autopsy want to reach out to those that crave some added spice and variety, they should start looking to tweak original elements, which will later become their own to keep any crowd full of intrigue.

(Nuclear Blast)

Rating: 6.0

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