Elis: Catharsis


By Melissa Andrews

Elis hails from the tiny country of Liechtenstein. Catharsis is their first release with new vocalist Sandra Schleret singing. Schleret is the replacement for the band’s original singer, who died suddenly of a brain hemorrhage in 2006. Schleret’s vocals are adequate but her voice doesn’t have that character of the beautiful innocence that gives some gothic bands that mesmerizing ethereal sound.

“Core of Life” is the most disappointing song on the album, so I can’t figure out why it was placed as the first track. At least once that song is done everything else is an improvement. “I Come Undone” is definitely the catchiest song on the album even if it’s not very original sounding. The song I’d recommend listening to on the album is “Das Kleine Ungeheuer” and no it’s not because it’s the shortest. The main guitar riff is easy get into right on the first listen and it features the best vocal performance.

The vast majority of the album isn’t particularly heavy by being metal and leans more towards rock. There are some songs that are worth listening to as long as you edit out the filler songs.



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