Nightstalker: Superfreak

By Gruesome Greg

You gotta love a band named after Richard Ramirez, although the heavy grooves on this record aren’t the kinda stuff that inspires killing sprees. This Greek trio (yes, they do thank Rotting Christ in the liner notes) are much more Monster Magnet than Macabre, although they do play fairly fast at times, particularly on second track “Enough is Not Enough”.

These guys don’t reinvent the wheel, but if you’re a fan of Monster Magnet, Lowrider, 90’s Nebula and/or Kyuss—and are looking for a band that’s currently releasing decent tuneage—then this record’s worth a listen. My only complaint is that vocalist Argy sounds like No More Tears era Ozzy meets Zakk Wylde circa The Blessed Hellride. It’s not the ideal vocal delivery for this kinda music, but as with most good stoner bands, the riffs, not the vocals should be the main focus. Nightstalker is a band that belongs on MeteorCity, if I’ve ever heard one…



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