Ararat: Musica de la Resistencia


By Gruesome Greg

Stoner rock has become an international phenomenon, with webzines dedicated to local bands in Spain, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand and the state of Ohio, not to mention my own ‘zine here in Ontario. South of the equator, one band single-handedly put stoner rock on the map: Argentina’s Los Natas. With their latest release, Nuevo Orden de la Libertad signalling a return to their heavy-rockin’ roots after some psychedelic detours, frontman Sergio Chotsourian lets his experimental side show with side-project Ararat.

Opening track “Gitanoss” is a 14-minute psych-folk freakout, pairing flamenco guitar with OTIS drones, Sergio doing his best Ken Baluke sneer on vocals sparsely scattered throughout. The next song is a five-minute instrumental featuring only piano, and when third track “El Carrusel” begins with Sergio tinkling the ivories, I’m hoping that there’s a guitar to follow. Alas, a droning guitar riff makes its presence felt, along with a psychedelic Hammond flourish and what sounds like the Halloween theme played on a circus organ… I kid you not!

The rest of the seven-track, 49 minute album brings more acoustic guitar passages, swirling psychedelic keyboard flourishes, and the occasional heavy guitar riff. It’s kinda like drone doom, South American style. ¡Ya tiene mas ritmo!



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