Devin Townsend Project: Addicted

By Matt Lewis
Who knew crack would be so cheap? I’ve never really been a drug taker, the occasional joint when I was in my younger days but never really liked it. So while I’ve never done anythning harder, I imagine this record would be something like taking cocaine or meth. The high is quick and the come down is quick and you come back for more but it is always like chasing the dragon. The second of four coming from Devin Townsend, the four of which will eventually be released together as a new box set relatively soon. The first in this box set was titled Ki. You can read that review here. This new album is titled Addicted and for good reason. Being aptly titled, this album is infectious to the core. The grooves, the melodies, the drums, the vocals – it is all rock n roll, mad scientist style. On this record, Devin has gone back to writing fun yet catchy songs with a dynamic he hasn’t utilized greatly on any of his previous efforts.

To help accomplish this Devin added a female vocalist to compliment his manic vocals, namely Anneke VanGeirbergen of Agua De Annique and formerly of The Gathering. The pair work outstandingly well together and her vocals instantly standout from the record. The choruses and melodies are memorable with Anneke being in the forefront of some if not whole songs. Songs like “Hyperdrive!” and”Supercrush!” leave Anneke doing most of the vocal work with Devin doing background.

The guitar work isn’t overly complicated and in fact more simple than most of Devin’s solo projects. The riffs are simple and big yet not boring, in fact quite the opposite. Production is crisp and clear, at times it’s a big wall of sound but without confusing the listener as to what is going on. It does leave a little something to be desired in the end though. 

While listening to the record I think it’s great and when the record is done I want to listen again but before playing it again I ask myself why I want to listen again so soon, as it’s good but not great. That’s what it comes down to: the record is good not great. If you are looking for a quick high with nothing to think about it’s the cheapest crack you can find I think. Is crack cheap?
(Inside Out/Century Media)


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