Vader: Necropolis


By Ola Mazzuca

Polska death metal masterminds Vader throw punches with absolutely no remorse on their latest release Necropolis; composing varied sounds and melodies to keep things fresh yet brutal.

With Piotr Wiwczarek violently spitting fine crafted lyrics that rise above pummeling drums and rhythmic soloing the album is abundant with movement. “Never Say My Name” and the brief “Blast” are full of raw power that clearly pave the way for the overall vibe of the album. As the enigmatic chant-like interlude “The Seal” gradually blends in with “Dark Heart” varied elements begin to take shape.

“Devilizer” is the first track on the album, and it immediately indicates how great the rest of Necropolis will sound. As it is important to include an opening track that leaves a solid impression, it is just as vital to have satisfying closure. “Where The Sun Drowns The Dark” ends the album with just as much force it took to start. This track would definitely make a live Vader set high-energy, compelling attendees to pump their fists in the air and headbang like there’s no tomorrow.

They may be affiliated with other bands and have garnered enough respect to tour many countries, but there’s no doubt that Vader hold their own. Necropolis is an infernal concoction of creativity and an impressive piece of work indeed.

(Nuclear Blast)


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