Incoming Cerebral Overdrive: Controverso


By Melissa Andrews

Controverso is the about to be released album from Incoming Cerebral Overdrive. This is the Italian band’s second full length album. The sound is mostly metalcore with prog rock and metal influences. Each song is heavy hitting and meant to get the listener moving.

The first thing that’s noticed right from the beginning of the album is the guitar sound. The guitars start at full speed from the second you begin to listen and keep on going with only a few breaks. They have a clear sound and that particular sound of playing with the rhythm that is reminiscent of many prog metal bands.

The keyboards are mostly in the background but are highlighted on the prog track “Magic”. They are used to make musical space ship sounding noises overtop the other instrumentation. Which works well with the instrumentation of changing drum, guitar and bass sounds.

The vocals are the most disappointing part of the sound. It consists mostly of the part shouting/ part singing that is typical of this type of music. The human voice should be the instrument with the most dynamics but I’d almost prefer if they cut half the vocals out and went with more guitar or more sci-fi keyboards.

(Myphonic Records)


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