Impiety: Terroreign


By Ola Mazzuca

An unconventional way to combine black, death and thrash metal into one, Singapore’s Impiety deliver a merciless fist in the face with their latest release. Impiety prove that they are the self proclaimed ‘Asian Elite Satanic Majesty’ with their combative musical style.

Those who are unfamiliar with the growth of the international metal scene are in for a real treat. “Vientos De Holocausto” sets the mood for the album in a diabolical and bombastic matter later leaning in to the attack of “Atomic Angel Assualt”. “Terroreign” and “Bestial To The Bone” show influence from thrash forefathers while “Goatfather” is a blastbeat driven ode to black metal.

Terroreign involves annihilation of all sorts, sacrilegious acts and death but this is no façade. Impiety is successful in evoking brutality through their appearance, lyrics and music. Guitar solos and pummeling drums are abundant in every song leaving the listener either annoyed or exhilarated. There is contrast between each track, but at times it is hard to locate in the album’s dark thrash blitz.

The slightly steadier track “My Dark Subconscious” and a tasteful outro put great closure to Terroreign. Impiety is both obscure and accessible. With a good following and vicious yet classic approach, Impiety is a great export for any metal fan that is looking for that little taste of chaos.



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