King Diamond shoes: The Sole of Metal

My fascination with metal imagery on running shoes has been ongoing for a few years now. I almost keeled over in both delight and disgust when I first saw Draven’s Motorhead shoes a few years back but realized almost immediately that (a) I was way too cheap to fork out my own cash to buy them, (b) if I did I would just be cutting into my own album purchasing spending money and (c) I’d have to put up with hours of ridicule from my wife, parents, in-laws, sister-in-laws, etc. Plus, where the hell would I find them around here anyway?

As cool as I thought the Motorhead ones were, I nearly shat my pants when I found out there were Iron Maiden shoes too. Those ones were even easier to find, as a local downtown head shop here in “the Hammer” has many different styles and sizes. However, I’ve resisted those too because well, to be honest I’m not sure I need the axe murderer version of Eddie from Killers on my shoes when it’s my turn to pick up my son from his (sorta snotty) grade school. I mean, I already get weird enough looks from the other parents for wearing logo-only shirts of bands like Wolf, Zero Hour and Voivod; showing up at final bell to pick up the older of my two hellions with shoes covered in blood-stained hatchets may send the PTA after me with crucifixes and burning torches.

However, after learning that C1rca Shoes are doing a line of shoes dedicated to our favourite Danish prince of darkness, King Diamond, I may have to reconsider. I mean, these Abigail ones are cool – but who can resist Mercyful Fate runners???



By the way, if anyone is wondering what to get the editor for Christmas this year I am size 11…

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