Netherbird: The Ghost Collector


By Ola Mazzuca

Though drummer Adrian Erlandsson (At The Gates, The Haunted, Cradle of Filth) has been a respected figure in the metal scene for quite some time, Sweden’s Netherbird is just a newer arrival added to his list. Since forming in 2004, the band has released two EPs while attracting followers from around the world through MySpace and showcasing their music on iTunes. Their first full-length album The Ghost Collector gives us a taste of metal without limitations.

It is dark, intense metal with symphonic interludes that make up The Ghost Collector. Musicianship is tight and the album has power, death, and black influences combined into one, which make it hard to categorize Netherbird into a specific sub-genre.

Ambient intro “Dead Grid Incantation” flows into pummeling “The Blackest Breed”. The soft piano-driven “Adrift On The Sea Of Misery” and slower pieces such as “Lighthouse Eternal Laterna Magika” and “Forever Mournful” that features graceful female vocals make up for good contrast in comparison to many of the blastbeat infused tracks.

It is no surprise that Netherbird have gained attention over time. Not only do they feature a great drummer, but good music (for a first full length release) that is noir with a special mystique.

More extreme tracks like “Ashen Nectar” and “The Beauty Of Bones” have that energetic yet clandestine feel. Netherbird’s music paints a picture of a dark, century old tale. It is the variety of musical detail that contributes to what they produce in order to create this mental image.

Even though they are fresh on the metal scene, I believe Netherbird have a long way to go. Their music is suitable enough for any crowd of headbangers seeking a cutting-edge extreme listen that exceeds boundaries.



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