Edguy: F**king With Fire-Live


By Albert Mansour

German power metal band Edguy returns with their second live album. Recorded live in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2006 in front of 5,000 Edguy maniacs on the Rocket Ride tour, this fourteen track two cd set displays the full impact of this band. The sound of this band live is where Edguy really shines; it was very difficult to find any fault with this album. Classic tracks like “Vain Glory Opera,” “Babylon,” “Out Of Control” amd “King of fools” are some highlighys of the over 100 minutes of pure melodic metal contained on this album. On top of that, the group also takes a quick visit to vocalist Tobias Sammet’s side project Avantasia courtesy of the track “Avantasia.”

Edguy will appeal to fans of Nightwish, Hammerfall and Sonata Arctica. This album is awesome and a must have for any power metal fans, anyone trying to get into the genre or anyone trying to get into metal in general. It’s a great start.


(Nuclear Blast)

Sean is the founder/publisher of Hellbound.ca; he has also written about metal for Exclaim!, Metal Maniacs, Roadburn, Unrestrained! and Vice.