Antigama: Warning


By Albert Mansour

Although this is the fifth full length album from this polish death metal/ grindcore band, this is their first CD I have had the opportunity to listen to and I have to say it’s a killer. The vocals reminds me a lot of Peter Dolving of The Haunted; tracks like “City,” “War” and “Empty Room” with those low growls gives Antigama a brutal sound meant to destroy.

Overall the musicianship on display here is above average . Fans of Cephalic Carnage and Pig Destroyer will have a serious feast with this album. This isn’t ‘skull-crushing’ or ‘neck snapping’ or any of that nonsense you’ll sometimes hear people using to describe death metal. Instead, this is intricate, thought-provoking stuff that is continuously moving.

There is some very strange crossover on tracks like “Paganini meets Barbapapex” and “Black Planet” (seven minutes long) which almost sounds like jazz fusion: it’s something that Soft machine, Can, or even Neuronium would be doing.

I swear that before listening to this cd, the front cover looked like a early 70’s Progressive rock band, something that Birth Control, Nektar or Grobschnitt would use on their front cover. It fits well with the music contained within, which definitely cannot be merely classified as death metal and then filed away. This is great stuff that is definitely worth the attention.



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