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Garbageface – No FUTUR(E)

For the release of his new album, Karol “Garbageface” Orzechowski has decided to challenge the usual methodology and manner in which music is released….

Asatta - Spiraling Into Oblivion

Asatta – Spiraling Into Oblivion

Milwaukee earned its spot on the doom metal map a few years back, with the Days of the Doomed fest bringing a whole buncha…


Hater – s/t LP (reissue)

I must confess that I had never heard of Hater before Ben Shepherd put out In Deep Owl a couple of years ago. I…


Sahg – Memento Mori

I first saw this Norwegian outfit open for Celtic Frost and 1349 nearly a decade ago, and I liked ‘em so much, I bought…