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Various Artists – Singles soundtrack

Singles (Original Film Soundtrack):  25th Anniversary 2LP/CD Reissue While there are several great soundtracks which were released in the 1990s (soundtracks for Tank Girl,…

The Obsessed – Sacred

It’s a pleasure to have The Obsessed back. The Church Within is one of my all-time favourite albums, and in a just universe everyone who…

Olde – Temple

They say that wisdom comes with age, and this quintet of Toronto scene vets are moving further along the path of enlightenment with Temple,…

Iapetus – The Long Road Home

There is something really special about Iapetus‘s latest offering, The Long Road Home, a vortex of everything good that exists in technical, progressive metal….

Doom Side of the Moon – self-titled

Chris Barnes has been dead to me ever since Six Feet Under unleashed the abomination known as Graveyard Classics 2, aka Barnes in Black….