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vintage caravan - voyage

Vintage Caravan – Voyage

I suppose it’s understandable that The Vintage Caravan‘s Voyage hasn’t garnered as much press as could be expected from a band on Nuclear Blast….

Do - Den

Dö – Den EP

You’d think that with a name like Dö, these guys would be completely unGoogleable, but in fact both the second and third search-engine results…

monolord empress

Monolord – Empress Rising

There are a number of things pulling me toward Sweden. Better government, a strong hockey program, blondes, Swedish death metal, the whole retro/stoner rock…

goya wounded giant split cover

Goya/Wounded Giant split

Less than a week into 2015 and what will likely be the year’s best – or at least heaviest – split has already sold…

Crypt Sermon - Out of the Garden

Crypt Sermon – Out of the Garden

Everything about Crypt Sermon just screams power-metal (in a Dio-style falsetto) to me. The name, the font, the album cover of a knight riding…