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misfits EP cover

Misfits – Friday the 13th EP

While there’s no small part of this critic that wants to hand this band which calls itself The Misfits and dismiss them as heretics…

beldam still the wretched linger

Beldam – Still the Wretched Linger

Richmond might have recently put Virginia on the map when it comes to downtuned doom, with outfits ranging from Cough to Inter Arma to…

asphalt graves the new primitive cover

Asphalt Graves – The New Primitive

Asphalt Graves, a new project boasting an impressive resume of talent with current and former members of bands like Dying Fetus, Black Dahlia Murder,…

fistula longing for infection album cover

Fistula – Longing for Infection

It might surprise you that Cleveland was recently named the most metal city in America, but it’s always had a pretty solid sludge/hardcore scene….

16 lifespan of a moth album cover

16 – The Lifespan of a Moth

Although sludge is usually seen as a southern staple, it also had a notable West Coast presence in its early years, with bands like…

mos generator abyssinia album cover

Mos Generator – Abyssinia

I was a pretty big fan of Mos Generator’s last album, Electric Mountain Majesty, which was released in 2014. It was a solid blend…