stoner metal

Black Khox – AKAB

First impressions, people. This four-piece out of Quebec City have a name that should make them a pornogrind band. That’s unfortunate, because: I hate…

Dö – Den EP

You’d think that with a name like Dö, these guys would be completely unGoogleable, but in fact both the second and third search-engine results…

Zed – The Invitation

A self-proclaimed “stoner metal” band from San Jose California, the quartet Zed has some of the elements you would expect: fuzz pedals, slow-rolling breakdowns, heavy bottom-end. They also have a crisp, commercial sheen that you could file under modern rock.

Metal Blade CMW Showcase @ Bovine Sex Club, Toronto ON, March 12, 2010

On Friday, March 12th, Metal Blade Records put on a showcase of their Canadian talent during Canadian Music Week in Toronto. The list of bands was exciting: Assassinate the Following, Toronto locals Starring Janet Leigh, Aeternam from Quebec, Titan (also from Toronto), Barn Burner and the almighty Bison B.C. This was looking like a good night of bands, some I had seen before and some I was unfamiliar with. Where was this taking place you might ask? The Bovine Sex club.