Dave Mustaine

Rotting Christ – Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy

This feels very much like a concept album or an experiment, which is certainly not a criticism. Fans of their previous work may be surprised by this direction, but for its flaws Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy is not an unwelcome edition to Rotting Christ’s discography. In fact, it in fascinating to see them incorporate elements of the religious structures and culture that they have built a career out of rebelling against.

Megadeth – Rust In Peace Live

“Originally released twenty years ago, Rust In Peace easily sits in the same revered place as true metal classics like Piece Of Mind, In Rock, Ace of Spades and Stained Class. It is the type of album that you pull out when a curious friend wants to know what the best metal albums of all time are. It is the culmination of the early formative years of Megadeth, which betters the already impressive levels the band had reached previously on Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying a few years before.”

Sean Palmerston reviews the new blu-ray disc release Megadeth – Rust In Peace Live.

Bazillion Points: Publishing Paper On Metal

“I think quality and uniqueness are what makes books into big sellers. Reading books is a subversive and uncommercial action from the start. Books are the last bastion of quality and uniqueness in mass culture.”

An interview with Ian Christe, founder and publisher of the Bazillion Points publishing company.