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Yob – Our Raw Heart

You could call Yob’s eighth studio album a labour of love. Certainly, from reading Mike Scheidt’s heartfelt Facebook updates over the past couple years,…

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YOB, Dark Castle and OTIS–Oh my!

I’m not one to mince words, nor to give perfect-10s, but I gotta say, last nite’s gig at the Courthouse was the best show I’ve seen in Toronto this year. The rock-solid triple-bill held its own with a coupla festival gigs I’ve seen elsewhere–and in terms of quality over quantity, it definitely takes the cake.

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YOB – Atma

A solid addition to their eclectically heavy catalogue, Atma will appeal to any and all fans of YOB’s previous work, no doubt about it.

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YOB: Zen and the Art of Crushing Skulls

Zen Buddhism has always played a central role in Scheidt’s songwriting for YOB, especially on the two previous albums, 2004’s The Illusion of Motion and 2005’s great The Unreal Never Lived, but on The Great Cessation a considerably more blunt approach, which often seems to border on despair and even anger, permeates such tracks as “Burning the Altar” and “Breathing From the Shallows”.

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