Like to win things? Looking to add a little more quality metal to your collection just before Christmas? Yeah, us too! Well, courtesy of the fine folks over at Relapse Records, has three (3) fantastic Relapse Records holiday gift packs to give away containing the following four albums:

Baroness –Blue Record
Revocation – Existence Is Futile
Black Anvil – Time Insults The Mind
Dying Fetus – Descend Into Depravity

And if that in itself wasn’t good enough, this also comes with a limited edition lithograph print of the cover to the new Baroness album too.


How cool is that? Music and cool art, together.

Here’s what you have to do to enter: leave a comment below. It’s that easy!

But, wait, there’s more!

Want more chances to win? Do any of the following for extra entries:

1. Blog about the giveaway and link back to this page on your blog. Comment below with the link. (1 extra entry)

2. Sign up for Hellbound’s email updates or RSS feed (upper right hand corner of this page). Leave a comment below telling me that you signed up. You will also get an entry if you already subscribe — make sure to comment! (1 extra entry)

3.  Follow Hellbound on Twitter and tweet about the giveaway. Please be sure to include the URL to this page in your tweet. Comment telling me that you followed & include the link to your tweet. (1 extra entry)

4. Post about the giveaway on your Facebook status. Please be sure to include the URL to this page in your status update. Comment below with the link to your status. (1 extra entry)

Each method of entry should be a separate comment. Hellbound will use the Random Number Generator to choose three (3) winners.

The contest is open until December 15th at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. This contest is open to North American residents only on the request of Relapse Records.

Good luck!

Sean Palmerston

Sean is the founder/publisher of; he has also written about metal for Exclaim!, Metal Maniacs, Roadburn, Unrestrained! and Vice.

  • adam

    The new Dying Fetus is pretty badass.

  • Steve

    Nice! Baroness are great!

  • katherine

    Existence is Futile! Precious.

  • tim

    cool contest…love the Baroness cover art. hopefully i will land it!

  • tim

    oh, and i signed up for the newsletter too.

  • Steve

    I WANT.

  • sam barnes

    New Baroness is wicked cool, and love that artwork.

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  • Brian

    Good opportunity to check out the new Baroness. This would rule!

  • DaveG
  • MacDeath

    Sweeet, I’ll bite for a chance at some Revocation!


  • Taylor


  • Taylor

    Got the feed on Google, too. This site is pretty awesome.

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  • alexxswanson

    Oh man! I’m gunna take the print for myself and use the CD’s as an X-mas present for my hubby. (assuming that I win. *crosses fingers*)

    Also, for bonus points…

    1) Posted on my blog:

    BTW, if you other random commenters don’t follow my blog already, consider it. I’ve been told that it’s awesome.

    2) Does following you on Google Reader count?

    3) I followed you on twitter already. do I still count?

    4) Facebook? Done and done. :)

  • Andy

    One of the best record labels in the world!Has always inspired what I do!Gotta get hold of that new Dying Fetus album!

  • Matt Scherer

    Relapse rules, hope I win this!

  • Andy

    Just signed to the newsletter!

  • Colin

    Very cool. It would be nice to win some cool swag to offset the expense of the Christmas season!

  • JP

    Thanks for running such an awesome contest! Already have the Baroness record, but it will make a great Christmas present for a fellow metalhead.

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  • JP
  • JP

    And subscribed for the newsletter. Thanks again, great site!

  • T, Cummins

    i’d love to win some Baroness & Black Anvil

  • Colin

    Here is a Blog entry promoting this awesome contest.

    Read it here!

  • Colin

    Now I’ve just signed up for your email updates as well. Damn straight!

  • diego

    dying fetus is the best….

    and i subscribed and its activated. hooray for relapse! and hellbound.

  • Paultagonist

    New Dying Fetus FTW

  • Ryan

    Baroness is so great. I love John Baizley’s artwork for the band too. Stunning.

  • Ryan

    Posted on Twitter here:

  • ledhead
  • paultagonist
  • Alex

    The new dying fetus is amazing and revocation is awsome

  • paultagonist

    Posted it on my LiveJournal (blog):

  • brad schimmens

    Descend into Depravity is awsome! also I signed up for the newsletter

  • paultagonist

    Signed up for your newsletter.

  • Marc Domanski

    YESSS, Here is my comment. Hope I win

  • GRIZ

    I am from GA, Baroness are from GA and rule all, I WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GRIZ

    And i just subscribed, I AM THE WINNER!!!!!!!!!!! ….just practicing

  • MJ

    Just signed up for the email…love all these records!

  • MJ
  • Craig

    Nice contest! Consider me subscribed and FB posted and statused (?)

  • Kandice

    subscribed to your rss feed on myYahoo! 😉

  • Kandice

    Why should I win? Cuz I’m way more metal than you are! \m/

  • Kandice

    been followon you on twitter for a while. retweeted the contest, here’s my page

  • Dave

    Holy crap that would be pretty awesome to get that litho.

  • Billy brown


  • John Reppion

    Commented, followed and Twittered at

  • Taylor

    Baroness is amazing, and John’s art is equally as great. The Blue Album is one of the best records of 2009 for sure.

  • dreska


  • Curt™

    Comment to enter contest…

  • hugohurst

    the new baroness is where the offically became better than mastadon. i said it.

  • Stwrongtone Media


  • Pete

    That new Baroness album is the best damn thing I’ve heard all year. I didn’t think they’d be able to top “Red Album”, but they did. And I have a feeling we’re only in the foothills of how high they’re gonna climb…

  • John

    I killed my mother and raped my dog, and all I got was this stupid comment.

  • derek

    oh wow i want a litho of that print more than the cds they are just a bonus

  • John

    Followed and retweeted on twitter as well.

  • derek

    signed up for email newsletter

  • AerynYVTV

    Blue Record for Metal Album of the Year… I can’t stop!

  • Darren

    Nice! John Dyer Baizely’s art is amazing…I’m a huge fan.

  • John

    Also subscribed to newsletter

  • Chris


  • AerynYVTV
  • Eric

    I’m signed up here;) Gimme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick


  • Craig

    Followed and retweeted:

  • Mike

    Baroness Blue Record = A Tasty Treat………Relapse is putting out some fine music, Mastodon, Tombs, Don Caballero, Coliseum, High on Fire, and many more…..Thanks Relapse!

  • JamBerry

    I signed up for your mailing list.

    We are ALL winners really…because Baroness and Blue Record are so radical!

    This Hellbound nonsense better be titties!

  • Nilay

    that Baroness lithograph makes me drool

  • Barry

    I want that Baroness package! i signed up to the feed and posted it on my blog.

  • Matt

    Blue Record is fantastic. Here’s to hoping!

  • Matt
  • Matt

    Subscribed to RSS feed with same e-mail.

  • Chris

    Baroness is amazing, I really dig the artwork on their albums too.

  • erik wood

    baroness = greatest thing to come out of savannah since johnny mercer and “the book”

  • John

    New Baroness is sick! Betting money that the next album is green…

  • FollowThReaper

    Fuck yes! Relapse Records owns and so does Baroness! The Blue Record is such a great album!

  • Bryan

    Revocation is THE best up and coming metal band out there. They are so amazing they just make you want to hurt yourself.

  • Mike Conte

    Love the new Baroness CD.

  • max

    do it

  • max
  • max

    signed up for that rss feed

  • Sean

    This is awesome!! And the new Baroness album is awesome!!! Keep it up guys!!

  • Michael McLaughlin

    Baroness Rocks!!

  • Warren

    Baroness rocks.

  • BryQuad the Magnificent

    Gimme that on vinyl, yo.

  • The Deuce

    Kick ass! Baroness just keep it coming.

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  • Hoserette

    amazing cover art!

  • Hoserette

    just subscribed

  • Sam


  • Sam
  • Seth
  • Pouya G.

    Blue Record has the illest lyrics

  • Pouya G.
  • Pouya G.

    Also just signed up for email with my gmail

  • Pouya G.

    I also just twatted about the contest!

  • megan

    Love Relapse and love Baroness! Great contest!

  • Nick Bahula
  • Nick Bahula

    Step 2 check. Signed up for the email list

  • Nick Bahula

    Step 3 check. Twittered

  • Nick Bahula
  • matt melnick

    I want to win black anvil stuff

  • matt melnick

    Posted about it on my facebook

  • Pouya G.
  • Zackary

    Just subscribed for Hellbound’s email updates :)

  • Nate Smith

    That new Black Anvil is so good!

  • bambi_hell

    I re-tweeted! i hope there is a small chance i could be a winner. the relapse package would rule. hails.

  • Willie

    Cool beans!

  • Willie

    …and now also a subscriber.

  • Willie

    …and tweeted.

  • Alex “Wurm” E.

    Contests rule, especially if metal.

  • Floyd

    posted and subscribed to the news letter

  • ucouldnotbeme

    Hey Hellbound!

    Now following the feed & on Twitter, please enter me!

  • Clay Phillips

    Baroness RULES,and the artwork for this album buttresses so will with the RED album artwork…..DAG,I need this….Come on,that makes me needy,and we’re supposed to help the NEEDY during the holidays,right????I know,I know….weak,but I HAD to try!Well,here’s the link to the blog I put up about the RELAPSE GIVEAWAY:

    So,that’s 2 entries…Here’s the link to my Twitter posting of the same:

  • Clay Phillips

    OOop….Left out the Facebook post I put up about it:

  • Clay Phillips

    and I subscribed via e-mail to your updates,and will do so by RSS after I remember which reader I have…lmao

    xxxGROOVEandDOOMxxx-clay radio host

    p.s.Thanks for doing this killer giveaway


  • Clay Phillips

    Waittaminute…I’m here in the US,and it’s 11:12PM here in CST(Alabama)…My above comments say they were left at 5 AM on December 16….What’s up with this,as that is NOT when they were left?

    I need to know what went on with this,please.


  • Sean


    Thank you to all who entered! Please enter our Year End Poll Content that will be up at the end of the month to win 30+ CDs and more!

  • Alnilam
  • Bill Stewart

    The new Baroness is amazing.

  • James

    Can’t wait to hear the new Baroness.

  • chris nowak

    hell yea dying fetus ftw

  • bari ann

    hell yes baroness is so not girlfriend metal